Mid-America advocates the concepts and ideologies of Jeet Kune Do (JKD) where students are encouraged to grow by discovering their strengths and weaknesses and to seek PERSONAL LIBERATION through martial arts expression.




Adult Program
Training in our adult program can be found in the form of western boxing, thai-style kickboxing, filipino weapon and empty hand arts, jun fan gung fu, submission wrestling, jiu jitsu, self defense, NHB/MMA, and yoga.

We offer training for both the martial arts enthusiast and the competitive athlete. Nicknamed MAMA’s BOYZ our competitors participate in grappling, kickboxing and NHB/MMA events throughout the country.

Youth Program
Our Youth Program offers an eclectic form of karate, drawing off of the disciplines in our adult program. Where our youth program separates is the emphasis on life skills:

Social Etiquette

Our goal is to use the martial arts to develop our children as a whole person, preparing them for the future. Please take a moment to read about the extraordinary benefits martial arts will have for your child. Youth Testing Criteria
Mid-America Martial Arts works diligently to create a fun but safe training environment. Our instructors are certified by the American Heart Association in Heartsaver First Aid and Healthcare Provider Programs.
KICKBOXING An aerobic workout like no other. Our kickboxing class incorporates aspects of Muay Thai, Savate and Western Boxing to develop a generic but well-rounded system of stand-up fighting. The class itself is a nonstop series of “rounds” utilizing heavy bags, speed bags, double bags, focus mitts, thai-pads and countless partner drills. More advanced students may experience our kickboxing in action through sparring.
PHASE CLASS Our Phase Class is perfect for someone looking to develop a well-rounded experience in martial arts. Perhaps the epitome of the Jeet Kune Do philosophy, our Phase Class takes aspects of various arts and blends them into a single system placing focus on concept and attributes vice specific technique with the aim to create a combative system unique to each student’s abilities. Students learn a generic form of the Philipino stick & knife arts manipulating both single and double stick as well as the knife and staff. Self-Defense, ground fighting, and hand-to-hand/close quarter combat are covered also.
SUBMISSION WRESTLING Total Body conditioning at its best! Most notably in the last decade, submission wrestling has become one of the many hybrid grappling arts. Combining aspects of freestyle and greco-roman wrestling with that of jiu jitsu, submission wrestling is a very well-rounded grappling art both standing and on the ground. Unlike our traditional brazilian class, students do not wear kimonos.
JIU JITSU Made famous by the now legendary Gracie family, jiu jitsu is arguably the epitome of the grappling arts. Combining precise movement with proven manipulation of the body, jiu jitsu is an indominable art when it comes to ground fighting. In keeping with traditional teachings, students are required to train in a kimono/gi for this class.
MMA Our Mixed-Martial Arts class trains aspects of today’s NHB competition with emphasis on blending striking, submission, takedown, and conditioning. The class is perfect for students looking to venture into the competitive world or just take their training to another level.
OPEN GYM The perfect time to get a personal workout in or train with a friend. Open Gym is available to all of our students, offering free use of our facility for personal improvement and camaraderie. Instructers are always present and willing to provide those invaluable extra tips. TEAM TRAINING In addition to the regular class schedule our competitors dedicate their time througout the week to hone their skills for the competitive arena. This time is reserved strictly for our competitors, participation is by invite only.