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Omaha’s premier center for training in combative arts
Brazilian Jiu Jitu – Muay Thai Kickboxing
MMA – Filipino Weapons – Self Defense

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Welcome to Omaha’s finest martial arts training center today. Our eclectic blend of traditional and modern martial arts provides students with a unique opportunity to explore various systems of training and fitness for overall personal development. No matter your martial arts interest or ability, Mid-America has something for you. Our friendly and energetic atmosphere provides a fun way to improve your martial arts skills or just get in shape.

Competitors training at MAMA have experienced action at the highest levels of sport:
UFC – IFL – BoDog FIGHT – Extreme Challenge – Victory Fighting Championship – King of the Cage

No Classes Friday July 4th Congrats Eddie on your Brown Belt!!!
Congrats to Mark Mickells…Torment Bantnamweight Champion!

PIG PICKIN SUMMER BBQ & CARNIVAL Thanks to everyone who came out to the BBQ. Hope everyone had a good time and full belly. Special thanks to big Paris for helping with food prep!!
AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM We are taking reservations for next school year…limited spots available…reserves yours now!! Our After-School Program is a fun and cost effective alternative to daycare. We proudly serve the Millard & Papillion area schools.
JUDO Throwing class is the last Thursday of each month with Sensei Mike Penny at 7:15 following jiu jitsu


Today’s Date: November 27, 2019
July 12 & 13 TBA-SA Muay Thai Classic – Des Moines
July 21-25 Summer Camp
July 26 VFC 24 at the MAC
August 2 In-House Gi Tournament
August 3 Rodrigo Vaghi Seminar
August 9 Black Belt Testing – Brianna Ogg
August 10 Sifu Marc McFann Seminar
November 1 & 2 Erik Paulson MMA Workshop


Rayshon Hovaldt – Purple Belt
Malique Hovaldt – Purple Belt
Megan Mayville – Purple Belt
Caleb Blase – Orange Belt
Shaun Knipfer – Green Belt
Jack Scioli – Yellow Belt
Ashly Hild – Blue Belt
Tori Witner – Blue Belt
Jonah Blase – Orange Belt
Miranda Parks – Orange Belt
Payton Parks – Orange Belt
Collin McCumber – Blue Belt
Cole Jacks – Orange Belt
Kevin “Chef” Newlin – 3 Round Kickboxing Test
Chuck Conboy – 3 Round Kickboxing Test
Malique Hovaldt – 3 Round Kickboxing Test
Nick Weiss – 3 Round Kickboxing Test
Mike Heiman – 5 Round Kickboxing Test
Jerry Rodgers – Blue Belt under Rodrigo Vaghi
Yury Slonsky – 5 Round Kickboxing Test

Torment Another champion in our midst, Congrat to Mark Mickells winning the Bantnamweight title Friday night!!Hoosier Open Yet another top 3 finish for Anthony Carlson with a silver medal!!

NAGA Chicago Big day for our BJJ team. Anthony Carlson 1st GI and 1st No-GI, Mark McGinn 1st No-GI, Joel Mickells 3rd GI, Jason Minor 2nd No-GI, Rob Pilcher 2nd No-Gi and 1st GI, Brandon Pfannenstiel 2nd No-GI, Drew Dober 2nd No-GI 3rd GI, Alysha Klinginger 2nd and 3rd noGI 1st GI, Brian Donohoe 1st & 2nd No-GI, Jake Ellenberger 1st No-GI, Joe Ellenberger 1st No-GI 3rd GI Keenan 1st no-gi.

Beatdown II Jason Brilz won via rear naked choke in the first round!

VFC Dominant first round wins by Drew Dober, Joe Ellenberger and Ryan Braun! Scott Morton lost a split decision to veteran Joe Jordan

Torment Ring of Rage Congrats to Brandon Pfannensteil (145) and Corey Clinebell (155) Champions!!

Past Accomplishments


Our History

Mid-America’s origins began as a “hand-me-down” martial arts club located on Offutt AFB in Bellevue, NE. The club was started by Mr. Norris Domangue (East Wind Academy, VA) then passed to Mr. John Cammarata before being inherited in the by Mr. Aaron Cerrone who eventually moved the club off base into its present location.

Mid-America Martial Arts (MAMA) opened its doors Labor Day weekend in 2003 with little more than a single wrestling mat and some punching bags. The school has consistently grown into a 8000s/f facility and boasts a thriving family-oriented student body and a successful, nationally sponsored competition team.


Every good standing member is part of the Mid-America family. Mid-America understands that we are Stronger Together than we are apart. As every student improves, our school as a whole also improves. Our success as a school is determined by the students’ successes, for we cannot exist without them.


To make available to every student, a comprehensive system of quality martial arts instruction providing a working knowledge in all ranges of combat and self-defense while maintaining a family oriented environment, encouraging personal growth and liberation through the expression of martial arts. In doing so, Mid-America pledges to provide knowledgeable and experienced instructors that dedicate themselves to the advancement and growth of every student that commits to the program.

Core Values

The Student Always Comes First

Mid-America continually pursues a “student first” philosophy with passion, making sure that every student is trained and developed to their fullest potential. The goal of Mid-America is to create the best martial arts education and training facility available. Our measure of success of is through development of our students’ martial arts skill, physical fitness, and personal growth.

Treat All Students as Equals

No student is better or more deserving than another. Whether a competitor or martial arts enthusiast, all students at Mid-America are part of the same family and will be given due respect and are expected to do so to one another.

Empower Students to Achieve Their Goals

There is no cloud of smoke or grand promises at Mid-America. The student’s development and goals take consistent training and dedication to honest hard work. Our instructors will motivate you, push you when you need pushing, and pull you when you need pulling. Ultimately, true martial arts development starts and ends with you: “the creative and hard working individual.”

Ensure Quality Instruction in Every Class

Mid-America will continue to research, develop, and share the techniques, training methods, combative strategies, personal trainer courses and concepts of the worlds most effective martial arts. Students are offered the opportunity to study and train in Muay Thai Kickboxing, Jeet Kune Do Concepts, Jun Fan Gung Fu, Filipino Weapon Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Submission Wrestling, and MMA/NHB fighting. Our youth program is a compilation of these systems, providing students will a well-rounded martial arts education.


Honor to country and family
Trust and brotherhood among friends
Courage to seek personal growth and liberation
Respect to fellow humans, their beliefs, and goals


“I’ve lost 30 pounds and 3 pants sizes in just over 2 months here.” Ryan Smith

“Over 50 pounds and 7 inches off my waist!!” John Gorum

“I’m down several dress sizes and feel great. My doctor is very pleased with my overall health.” –P.B.

“My job requires travel across the country on a regular basis. So, I’ve had the opportunity to train in several top tier schools. The personal and individualized attention I have received at Mid-America Martial Arts sets this school apart the others. Every student matters at Mid-America.” JR

“I’m down from 310 to 270 lbs, 42 to 38 size jeans and xxxl to comfortable xxl size shirt. I’m more active at home with wife and kids.” Craig Hall

“I took a gold and silver medal in a national tournament…my first competition!” Garrett Shrader

“My kids have really enjoyed the class. They have always enjoyed the unstructured feel and the fun stuff you put into the classes to keep everyone interested. I like that all the equipment can be bought from Your low pressure approach to advancing thru the belt ranks was really nice in my opinion. I hope we can find some similar type classes in our new home.” Brian Winham

“I’ve lost 30 pounds (275-245), my son and I love coming here.” Andy Raemaker

“On behalf of the eighth grade students and their parents of Mary Our Queen we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks! Your generous donation will help make this event a huge success.”